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Jeff Mills · John Thalabot · Blawan · DVS1 · Dr. Rubinstein · Lena Willikens · Rene Wise · Dj Python · Baiuca (Dj set) · Intersetellar Funk · Error Etica · Pina · Another Machines · Izar5 · A4 · Vema Diodes · Yngryd · Bihotza · Ope Loeb · Ines · Sally Rous · Bassywax · Zuri

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25-26_08_2023 | Illumbe + Amphitheater

Jeff Mills · John Talabot · Blawan · DVS1 · Lena Willikens · Dr. Rubinstein  · Rene Wise · Dj Python · Baiuca (Dj set) · Interstellar Funk · A4 · Bassywax · Bihotza · Ope Loeb

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26_08_2023 | Amphitheater +

Jeff Mills · John Talabot · Dr. Rubinstein · Rene Wise · Dj Python · Baiuca (Dj set) · Interstellar Funk · A4 · Ope Loeb

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25_08_2023 | Illumbe

Blawan · DVS1 · Lena Willikens · Bassywax · Bihotza

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24_08_2023 | Tabakalera

THING: Izar5 · Another Machines · Error Etica · Pina · Vema Diodes

Dantz Festival 2023


Anfiteatro | 26_08_2023

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Tabakalera | 24_08_2023



Illumbe | 25-26_08_2023


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Koisi Hostel
10% discount

Koisi Hostel is located in San Sebastian’s El Antiguo neighborhood, 800 meters from Ondarreta Beach, and offers stylish air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and a shared terrace.

At Koisi Hostel there are private and shared rooms. The shared rooms have capsule-style bunk beds and a lamp. Some rooms include a private bathroom with shower. Bed linen is provided.

Ametzagaña Hotel

Call or contact by mail with the code “DANTZ” for special prices.

Pension Ametzagaña is next to the A8 highway and Lau Haizeta Park in San Sebastian. It offers simple rooms equipped with free WiFi, satellite TV and private bathroom.

Pension Ametzagaña is surrounded by countryside, 4 km from La Concha. The reception staff can provide information about the attractions of the Basque Country.


Sustainable and safe mobility for the DANTZ FESTIVAL 2023

15% discount with the code “DANTZFESTIVAL23” on any outbound and/or return trip to San Sebastian from anywhere in Spain (or vice versa) from August 21 to 28 (both included).

About Last Year


Transit and timelessness

Transit is a place where electronic and avant-garde music is always there.
Where physical laws change, or are simply non-existent due to the absence of rules, patterns or guides.
A journey into the unknown that, without knowing why, we all want to face at some point.


Music as a white hole, or as a source of energy that transforms matter and time.
Something flows in that timelessness, in that dimension that has always been there. Often close, although not always sensitive to our senses.


From a role of “out of place” in society, mistiming has been a constant in electronic music.
Always in movement without a fixed direction, it does not always look forward, as it is nourished by the present, past and future in equal parts, perhaps that is why it is so unique.


Crossing the transit and the out of time breaks us, disjoints us, recomposes and completes us.
It brings us closer to the impossible, to the immaterial.
The rigid or established has no place in this chaos, in weightlessness.
The essential dwells in the textures, in the infinite rhythms, in the abstract, in the uncontrollable.



Dantz festival Dantz
Dantz festival Dantz festival Dantz
Dantz festival Dantz
Dantz festival Dantz festival Dantz
Dantz festival Dantz