YX3 (EH)

Electronic eclecticism is how YX3 defines its musical style. Born in Navarra and living in Madrid, this DJ considers herself a musical curator. Her vision of music as an emotional vehicle, her changing perspective and continuous evolution and research, prevent her from adhering to one genre, which shapes her particular style when it comes to DJing.

Always under the influence of electronic sounds, she feels comfortable at almost any BPM (although her preference is between 135 and 180), being able to transition between different genres (from UKG, breakbeats, bubblin, jungle, ghetto Tech or whatever she likes) called techno optimism, among others) with great skill, transporting the audience on a high-intensity energetic journey.

Her heterogeneous electronic bubbles have led her to be part of line-ups of venues and clubs of reference both nationally (Razzmatazz, Antidoto Club, Mondo Club Vigo...) and internationally (Fitzroy, Berlin) as well as participating in the collaboration of Off - Sónar between Keep Hush and Razzmatazz.