Watching him dj - it’s clear that Hunee has a close relationship with the dancefloor. Here's a DJ who celebrates with the people on the other side of the booth, taking them on a musical journey that transcends time and place. There is an explorative energy in his DJ sets that is geared towards making each set become its own unique animated being that breathes and pushes forward.

Hunee grew up in Bochum, a former industrial city in West Germany, to culturally active parents from South Korea. He moved to Berlin 3 days after finishing his school education to study and to spend all his time working and digging in record shops, and djing all around the blossoming club scene.

His fearless approach to playing music from all ages and all corners of the world is fueled by an unbounded musical curiosity. His DJ sets have taken him all over the world too. And whether he plays all-night in an intimate basement or closes a big festival stage, his sets maintain a sense of quality and emotionality that turn each one of them into a colorful experience.

The Lifetones record label and platform is a community focused manifestation of Hunee’s musical vision. His own productions on labels like Rush Hour, W.T. and Future Times are as colorful as his character, displaying a diverse spectrum of his inspirations. No matter how much they differ from each other, each Hunee record has a certain kinked funk, true sense of soul or loveable house heritage that puts them up there with the best of the rest.