LaMia Mari (EH)

LaMia Mari is Oihana, a DJ based in Donostia. Her dynamic sets present a game of changing bpm-s and genres where she reveals her penchant for playing with the margins creating a musical experience that transcends borders and genres prioritizing dance and movement.

Her aesthetic sound has been shaped by a healthy diet of hybrid musical styles, taking as a foundation both the urban and tropical dance sounds of South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa, as well as those of the diaspora, infusing them into new structures with an aesthetic experimental or deconstructed underground.

Traveling through the most attractive margins of club music, making reference to rhythms such as afrobeat, dancehall, carioca funk, reggaeton, deconstructed club and global bass, also passing through guaracha, amapiano, gqom, kuduro, soca, shatta, vogue beats, rkt , bouyon, dembow and jersey club, their sessions are a reflection of her energy where the most explosive and lively rhythms are the central axis.

In this way, LaMia Mari belongs to an underground scene where she has shared lineups with artists such as Tayhana, Safety Trance, Merca Bae, Toccororo, Dj Playero, Florentino and Uproot Andy among others and has played in venues such as Dabadaba and Fever, festivals such as BogaBoga Festibala or Glad is the day, parties like Antidoto tour, Nexo Malito or Dantz and brand events like Nude project.