Javier Carballo (CAN)

Javier has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of underground electronic music, not only within the Canary Islands and Spain, but also on an international scale.

Over time, his reputation has extended far beyond his home country, allowing him the privilege of traversing various cities worldwide and gracing renowned festivals and clubs with his talent. Notable venues where he has performed include Sunwaves, Epizode, BPM, CDV, Fabric, Output, DC10, Input, and many others.

In recent years, Javier has resided between London and Berlin, a period during which he has undergone significant growth and refinement in both his production skills and live performances. This phase has birthed new ventures such as "TERMS," "LOOK PERRY," and "HDZ," emblematic of his creative prowess and dedication to pushing artistic boundaries.

Renowned for his expertise as a selector and profound understanding of electronic music in its myriad manifestations, Javier seamlessly blends genres ranging from House and Electro to Breaks and Techno. His dynamic sets are a testament to the wealth of experience accumulated throughout his illustrious 20- year career.