Ke Lepo (Live, EH)

The musician and producer of Zestoa publishes Izpi on Forbidden Colors Diskoetea, a debut album that draws on influences from James Holden, Four Tet, Floating Points or Boards of Canada

Investigating the intricate world of the synthesizer is something that Ke Lepo, alter ego of Alejo Obergozo (keyboardist of the group Grises), has been doing it for a long time. Now it bears fruit with the publication of Izpi, his first full-length work under the shelter of the Forbidden Colors Diskoetxea label that he has discovered in this producer from Zestoa. A talent hidden in plain sight but not in the ear. The secret is finally revealed.

The figure of Ke Lepo is that of a curious and restless musician to whom the works of James Holden, Four Tet, Floating Points, Caterina Barbieri, Daphni and Burial indicated a path to follow and explore.

Without being closely linked to electronic music, based on trial and error, a lot improvisation and making music for pleasure has created an immersive avant-garde sound with its own personality.

Through the infinite possibilities offered by different drum machines such as the Korg ER-1 and Perkons HD-0, classic synthesizers such as Juno 106 and Juno 60, as well as a taste for modular synthesis and FX pedals, build a consistent album. and coherent. An analogue crusade, fleeing from hackneyed sound libraries, to extract quality and elegance in compositions with echoes of Boards of Canada show the level of the project.

Izpi means beam of light and the 12 cuts that make it up represent the musical concept of a truly inspired Ke Lepo when it comes to constructing his melodies with the patience of a craftsman and the rigor of a magician. His minimalist conception is seasoned by subtle, tenuous and sober arrangements to create captivating productions. “I always say that a song is worth it, when it transports me to a place, reminds me of a sensation from the past or awakens in me some sensation that I had not experienced before,” says Ke Lepo, who has worked to create a special sound that transmits emotion both in its sections aimed at dance and in its more environmental and avant-garde proposals.

At the same time, Ke Lepo represents the most mystical side of electronics with passion and work above futile vanities and unnecessary exhibitions. That's why he hides his face under a hood. His music is what speaks for him. A unique imaginary so that, looking at the sky or the ground and with our eyes closed, we can forget about the world and enjoy the journey it presents us with our whole body and mind.

A sound alchemist with a solid project to enchant our souls. Sometimes the best of the year takes a long time to come. Hit play and you won't regret it.