Sound Minds


Ernest Lluch Kultur Etxea


21/08/2023 | 16:00h – 19:00h

Sound Minds

For Dantz, electronic music is much more than a musical genre, it is a culture that has transformed the way people relate to music and the world around them. That is why Dantz, in collaboration with the Department of Social Psychology of the UPV/EHU with Dr. Xavi Minguez Alcaide as coordinator, has decided to lead a pioneering research project to analyse the effects of electronic music on people at a personal and social level.

Dantz understands this culture from a broad perspective, where different disciplines and styles coexist, and offers the opportunity to create diverse, exciting and innovative experiences and projects, where community, music and cultural heritage are at the centre. The Dantz community is at the core of all its activities, and they enjoy spaces of freedom, socialising, experimenting, creating… in short, feeling alive through electronic and avant-garde music.

In this way, the study, called SOUND MINDS – Opening the social imaginary of electronic music, seeks to understand the complexity of electronic music as a social phenomenon, as well as to contribute to the development of a new imaginary far removed from stereotypes, clichés and prejudices. Electronic music and its culture have been stigmatised for their supposed association with drugs, the music is seen as repetitive and soulless, and DJs are seen as mere button pushers with no real skills. However, these perceptions are limited and do not reflect the diversity of electronic music and its community.

As a first step, an anonymous survey was carried out in digital format to find out the main psychological and psychosocial elements linked to electronic music with questions related to the motivations and emotions that make respondents feel this type of music. The results obtained will be passed on to all participants so that they can learn about the psychological and psychosocial dimension of electronic music in our context.

Furthermore, as a second step and within the week of the festival, beyond the questionnaire, the participants will be invited to reflect collectively on electronic music as a social space.

The third phase of the project will consist of a public presentation of the results, followed by an electronic music event where the psychological and psychosocial dimension of this community can be experienced. To be announced at a later date.

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