21-26 August

Programme Dantz Festival 2023

Monday 21/08

Ernest Lluch Kultur Etxea

Sound Minds

"Building the imaginary of electronic music"

In collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, this is a participative meeting on the psychosocial dimension of electronic and avant-garde music, with the participation of Xavi Mínguez, PhD in Psychology.

To confirm participation: info@dantz.eu

16:00h – 19:00h

TABA (Tabakalera)

Opening Dantz Festival 2023-Sold Out

Official opening of the festival

Welcome to the Dantz Festival 2023! The Dantz Festival 2023 will be kicked off in style at TABA.

Space is limited so RSVP is compulsory.

We will enjoy DJ sets by the collectives SELECTA (BIO), ALTERNATIVE DIVISION (ELG) and THG (DSS).

DJs: HUGO (Vinyl Set) – NELLI (Vinyl Set) – ACELGA (Live) – ANDERETX (Vinyl Set)

19:00h – 22:00h

Tuesday 22/08

Drunkat (Egia)

Dantz Academy

DJing Masterclass

An introductory workshop on DJ-ing aimed at the next generation of electronic culture. The youngest members of the family will learn how to use their creativity to mix music and will come out as DJs. +12 years old.

11:00h – 13:00h

Kutxa Kultur Plaza (Tabakalera)

Dantz Talks

"History and past of electronic music in the Basque Country".

Colloquium with agents of the local scene of the 90s and 2000s, accompanied by an exhibition of graphic material from that period, curated by Iker Rodríguez.

Moderator: Ion Andoni del Amo

Speakers: Xabier Erkizia, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Oier Korta

17:30h – 19:30h

Loreak Mendian (Calle Garibai, 22)

Dantz Art & Music

Art exhibition and vinyl set.

Exhibition of creators in Loreak.

Diego Malkorra (painting), Javi Lasarte (painting), Aitane Goñi (photography) and Danel Azkarate (photography) will exhibit their creations throughout the week on the ground floor of the Loreak Mendian shop. It will be a meeting of the artistic ecosystem of the Basque Country open to the public who wish to visit it.

To accompany the opening of the exhibition DJ P3z will perform a vinyl set during and after the presentation.

19:30h – 21:30h

Wednesday 23/08

Drunkat (Egia)

Dantz Academy

Masterclass in modular synthesis.

Alvaro Granda, aka Divorce From New York and member of Reykjavik606, is giving a masterclass at Drunkat for anyone interested in synthesizers. He will review its history and teach how to build patches and create various sounds with modular systems, either hardware or software. A unique opportunity to explore the world of electronic music.

11:00h – 14:00h


Dantz Talks

Present and future of the electronic music scene.

Drunkat will host a colloquium with agents from different collectives and artists from the present of the local Basque scene such as Lotura, Synthetica and Steam Radio. Elena Barker, Iñaki García, Amaia Rodriguez and Zuri Hernandez will give their views on the current scene and the future they expect from electronic music, moderated by Iker Bárbara.

Afterwards, the audience will be able to enjoy DJ sets by Distopía Mutante from 20:00.

17:00h – 19:30h

Thursday 24/08

Drunkat (Egia)

Dantz Academy

"Improvisation in electronic music".

Using the innovative case of THING as an example, topics such as ideation, planning and the pros and cons of such a project will be discussed.


To confirm participation: info@dantz.eu

11:00h – 14:00h

Plaza de las Cigarreras (Exterior of Tabakalera)

Dantz Vinyl Market

Disc market.

Vinyl market with Basque labels and collectives.

Costas Music · Inguma Records · Haus of Beats · Musex · 「lotura」· Rebels · Vinilo.ak

& more

17:00h – 21:00h

Cine (Tabakalera)

Dantz Films

Short film and music documentary.

Audiovisual screening of 2 films:

Short film: The Dream is Just in my Mind (Miguel Ariza)

Documentary: Sister with transistors (Lisa Rovner)

19:00h – 21:00h

Kutxa Kultur Kluba


Jam session.

It is a live performance of several artists and producers improvising simultaneously. It offers a new live format, pioneering at state level, which allows the public to enjoy live electronic music in a different way to what has been seen so far at festivals and clubs. The novelty is based on the fact that these artists will be improvising live between the 5 of them, generating a kind of electronic “Jam Session”.

Izar5 – Another Machines – Error Etica – Pina – Vema Diodes

21:00h – 00:00h

Friday 25/08

Illumbe (Plaza de toros)


Dantz Point

Sally Rous · Ines · Zuri · Yngryd

17:00h – 22:00h



Dantz Festival 2023

Blawan · DVS1 · Lena Willikens · Bassywax · Bihotza

22:30h – 06:00h

Saturday 26/08



Dantz Festival 2023

John Talabot ·  Dj Python · Baiuca (Dj set) ·Interstellar Funk · Ope Loeb

17:00h – 00:00h



Dantz Festival 2023

Jeff Mills  · Dr. Rubinstein · Rene Wise · A4

00:30h – 06:00h