ATVOICE – DJ and incurable lover of a wide spectrum of electronic music universe. Since childhood immersed in the search for the sounds that would find its way into his heart he began his conscious listener’s path with radio pop of the 90’s: uncommon performers of synthpop, jungle, dance-pop of the post-Soviet space along with synthetic italo disco sounds of European artists.  In high school, with the popularization of the Internet, web traveling opened the eyes of the music lover to the endless genre branches of the planetary music tree. Hard on the heels of soul, jazz, funk, disco, rhythm and blues, he came to his first unforgettable love, underground hip-hop, gangsta rap, where he made his first attempts of sampling. Having deeply rooted his preference in the culture he started visiting all possible events related to breakdancing, popping, locking, hip-hop, rap in Ukraine and Poland, each time experiencing to the depth of his soul the flow and energetic message of DJs, dancers and the crowd.  Delighting in fractions of electronic sounds throughout the path of his musical development in 2015 he became more and more fascinated with house and techno, their diversity and endless flow of new tracks every day. It was a one-way ticket. He played his first set as everyone does for his closest friends in late summer 2017. Having received strong support from both inside and outside he fell in love with DJing once and for all. He took his first serious steps on Szpitalna 1 open decks mixing mainly house and tech-house.  A year-long stay in Amsterdam became a total game changer. Intense discovering of clubs such as De School, Shelter, De Marktkantine, Gasholder, as well as numerous festivals and illegal forest walks around the city, expanded his music preferences of electro, breaks, breakbeat, jungle, disco, micro house, lo-fi house, afro house, and footwork. At the same time he organized his own closed parties on the rooftops of Amsterdam.    After returning to Krakow he joined the VVATRA/Tres Bienski sect of love, organizing and performing at parties and festivals of Poland.      Peace, love, unity and respect,  MATVOICE