The artistic career of this DJ, Yngryd, a resident of the Basque Country since the age of 16, has spanned several years. In her sets, she always presents us with a very wide range in terms of her selection of music. selection Electro, breaks, Idm, ambient, jungle, techno, etc… Insomnia cycle is one of his projects in Gasteiz, where through his versatile parties, artists who can make sonorous journeys from the most sincere of their beings to create sessions without limiting themselves to anything. limiting themselves to nothing. Today Yngryd has become to be one of the outstanding artists, and increasingly strong in the northern part of the northern part of the peninsula, y other places, her steps have gone to very important places such as such as: Tresor “New Faces” (Berlin), Aquasella festival (Asturias), Mugako (Gasteiz), Bau (Gijón), Stardust (Madrid), and a long etc. Soon she will launch her current project, her own music label, where she will release her works as a producer.


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