Useful information

Official Statement

In view of the unfavorable weather forecasts, we would like to keep you abreast of an important decision we have had to make to ensure that you all have the best possible experience:

The outdoor events on Friday (Tabakalera) and Saturday (Amphitheater-Miramon), will be moved to the Illumbe bullring. The line-up and DJ schedules remain unchanged.

We are still as excited because we have a TOP line-up in Illumbe.

There will be free night bus services Illumbe-Plaza Bilbao. More info in the bus section.

We understand that the changes may generate some doubts, but we want to assure you that we have worked hard to make sure that this adaptation is as smooth and convenient as possible. If you have any doubts or questions, please write to us at

We would like to sincerely thank you for your understanding and support in this situation.


On Friday, August 25 from 22:30 in Illumbe and on Saturday, August 26 at the Miramón Amphitheater and in Illumbe there will be a payment system through Cashless Dantz bracelets. With these bracelets you can buy food and drink within the festival. There will be a charging station at each stage where wristbands can be recharged and only payment by bank card will be accepted. Once the festival is over, you can request a refund of the remaining balance on the bracelet.

In addition, you can go out and come in whenever you want as long as you leave or enter with no consumption.

Bus service

NIGHT buses to and from Illumbe from and to the city center will be free of charge. On Friday 25 August there will be a bus service from Plaza Bilbao to Illumbe from 22:00 until 1:00. From that time until 7:00 there will also be a bus service to go down to Plaza Bilbao. On Saturday, August 26th from 22:00 to 2:00 you will be able to go up to the bullring from Plaza Bilbao and from 2:00 to 7:00 there will be buses back.

Buses to Miramón Amphitheatre

During the day you can get there by public transport by taking line 28 (from Boulevard) and line 17 (from Gros) in the direction of Hospitales and stopping at BEGIRISTAIN I, just where the turn-off to ILLUNBE is.

Tickets at box

Tickets can be purchased at the box office the day of the event unless there is a previous sold out. It is advisable to have tickets in advance to avoid being left out.

Food and glasses

In Illumbe you will have a Foodtruck area and a bar for drinks.

Each glass purchased costs one euro. The reusable glass will be yours and the euro will not be returned.



For reasons of bad weather on August 25 and 26 the festival will be held in Illumbe.


The Festival will have Cashless payment system on the night of Friday, August 25 and Saturday, August 26.


Free bus service.

Friday 25:



Saturday 26th: