Kutxa Kultur Kluba


Active since the mid-90s with different aliases such as Sloan, Pedro Pina decided to launch his most personal project in 2007. So personal that he only uses his last name. After several years flirting with different styles such as drum’n’bass, electro or electronic pop, it is as Pina where he intends to experiment with one of his adolescent fetishes: industrial music. 

Understood not so much as a style but as a way of facing the creative process. 

Already in his first LP for the Barcelona label Medusa Music, released at the end of 2008, some characteristic signs of his work appeared. Forcefulness, distortion and repetition. B/N was exclusively released in digital format and has currently been reissued through the Novak label. 

In mid-2011 his second LP, Onda Corta, appeared, released by the also Barcelona-based label Lapsus, marking the start of an extensive collaboration that lasts to this day, releasing albums such as Hum in 2013 or Transit in 2015, with Lärm, released in June 2018, being his fourth full-length. 

All of these works have received great recognition from the specialized press. In parallel, he has presented his work live at festivals such as Lapsus, MiRA, Sonar or Primavera Sound.