Strange jewelry seeker, selector, digger and founder of Silhouette Boston. Guillermo Lam, nicknamed KimHo, is a talent born in Madrid, always looking for new rhythms, from tribal-techno or house-trance to the most eccentric EBM artists.  Born and raised in Madrid, this computer engineer created rap rhythms when he was 16, starting collaborations with Dj Zost, Dj Cec and others, Chukky, for SFDK Records with Acción Sánchez (Boa Music), AKA The Lam Project.  He later moved to Boston to continue software development and soon began his infamous weekly event in Boston, Silhouette, where he got big bookings like chez Damier, Losoul, Mike Servito or Daniel Bell.  Almost 10 years later, family affairs brought him back to his native country, Spain, where he has played at clubs such as the DabaDaba in San Sebastian or the Haley and Studio in Madrid or at festivals such as the Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria.  Recruited by Fauna Madrid, he is a member of the team that now works as a booker and is responsible for international expansion.