Ander Garciandia, better known as Gartxi, was born in San Sebastian (Guipúzcoa) in the spring of 1996. From a young age he began to be interested in electronic music, influenced and driven by his father, who was the organizer and dj of different electronic events in the city and who made him discover acid house and disco music thanks to a large collection of vinyl.

Once he acquired his first Pioneer team at the age of 16, he decided to combine his work with what he loved most: music. After several parties organized with friends they began to call him for different rooms in the province, one of the most recognized, La Rotonda.

Always very attracted by house music and after living 2 years in Barcelona discovering the most hidden and underground clubs and parties in the city he started acquiring more and more culture and musical experience in the different branches of that genre, but above all he was drawn to the “micro-house” or what is the same minimal house.

Currently it is also beginning to dive into the world of music production with the goal of expanding, evolving and growing. The incessant search for new ways of expression, creativity and energy are the main constants in his sessions, which are characterized by diversity; this artist can take you from a more rigorous minimal to a vibrant techno.