Facta is the primary moniker of Oscar Henson – a musician, producer and DJ from London, and co-founder of the celebrated electronic record label, Wisdom Teeth. His music joins the dots between the upfront, bass-heavy sounds that he grew up with in London – dubstep, grime, UK funky, house and techno – and broader infuences drawn from ambient, jazz, dub, pop, experimental electronics and beyond. As such his music typically marries the groove, functionality and physicality of dance music with more challenging, esoteric ideas drawn from further afeld, contrasting bright, colourful and melodic elements with layers of manipulated noise and bleeping electronics. His records have been released on a host of defnitive electronic labels including Livity Sound, Tempa, Idle Hands, Ancient Monarchy, Houndstooth and Dr Banana (as Reverend Slippy), as well as on his own label, Wisdom Teeth, which he cofounded in 2014 alongside friend and collaborator K-LONE (Josiah Gladwell). The label has grown to become a globally recognised and respected imprint, releasing contemporary club music, experimental, ambient and downtempo from a roster of leading innovators including Lurka, Parris, Minor Science, Don’t DJ, AYA (fka LOFT), Hodge and Steevio. In 2021 he released his debut LP, ‘Blush’ – an innovative and distinctly contemporary album that moved a good few steps beyond his work to date: loosely rooted in UK dance music but taking added infuence from ambient, modern classical, dreampop, Balearic, folk music and beyond. The record marked the second long-form release on Wisdom Teeth, following neatly on from K- LONE’s debut LP, ‘Cape Cira’. Both albums received widespread critical acclaim. Facta has performed extensively across Europe and America; broadcast live from the Boiler Room; played at Freerotation and Glastonbury Festival; made radio appearances on Radio 1, NTS and Rinse FM; and been featured in Pitchfork, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, The Quietus, Crack Magazine, FACT and beyond.