Bihotza began its sessions in 2005 on the nights of Malasaña, Madrid, with the aim of creating a dialogue with the track, perceiving its energy and promoting the values that are generated in the communities and electronics of the club. The elegance of his choice and the remarkable journey that leads the attendees to his sessions.  His style is darkwave, chung, minimal, rave, slow techno, sheffield. Dark, strong sounds, straight to the track, batteries and bass lines appear in his choices. He currently lives in the Jimmy Jazz Hall in Vitoria with HEARTz Club and Bilbaino Random Apocalypse. It is common in clubbing programming in the Basque Country, in the Madrid scene or in France from the waves, to create bridges between scenes and collectives.  Bihotza gives life to the HEARTz project. This project, which includes Club, Family and Radio, develops the concept of electronic society through different spaces and actions. It promotes values of belief, equality, visibility, integration and respect, valuing electronics within culture.