Bihotza 2023





Bihotza started doing DJ sessions in 2005 in the Madrid nights of Malasaña, with the aim of creating a dialogue with the dancefloor, perceiving its energy, and promoting the values generated in the club and electronic music community through “social electronics”. Their selection stands out for its elegance and the journey it takes attendees on during their sessions.

Their style ranges from darkwave, chung, minimal, rave, slow techno, to Sheffield. Dark, forceful sounds, direct to the dancefloor, with drums and basslines present in their selection. Currently, Bihotza is a resident DJ at Jimmy Jazz in Gasteiz with HEARTz Club and at the Bilbao club Random Apocalypse. They are a regular feature in the clubbing scene of Euskal Herria, the Madrid scene, and France, creating bridges between different scenes and collectives through radio waves. 

Bihotza brings HEARTz to life, a project that includes Club, Family, and Radio, developing the concept of “social electronics” from different spaces and actions. They work to promote values they believe in, such as equality, visibility, integration, and respect, and give value to electronic music within culture.