Asier Morillas (A4) is an electronic music producer from Irún with an abstract and cosmic techno style, using modular synthesizers and analog machines to create futuristic sound designs and complex arrangements. His musical career began on the SUB_tl label with the release of the Tonal 08 compilation in 2018, which included his track “Black Machine”, followed by a full EP titled “Point Position”. He soon attracted the attention of important figures in the scene, which led him to release more works on labels such as Illegal Alien (Mexico), Faut Section (Lewis Fautzi’s label), Subsist Records, and Deadcert Records (UK), among others. 

In 2022, he released his album “The Future Starts Now” on Axis Records, Jeff Mills’ record label, and together with HD Substance he created a new alias called Rude Solo, releasing on Inguma Records and SUB_tl.