Iñigo Medina Murua, aka "M4", is a Legazpiarra musician based in San Sebastian. Interested in music since childhood and trained in classical music, he has gone through various bands of different styles, from hip hop to thrash. It was in the late '90s that he became interested in electronic music.

He loves analog synthesizers and hardware in general. Basic Channel, Aril Brikha or Robert Hood are some of the influences of his sound. But his style includes sounds from dubtechno, electro and ambient.

DJ Pelacha has recorded for stamps such as Redsonja Records (Madrid), Slope Point de (Barcelona) or Avantroots, led by Pablo Bolívar/Pulshar. He has shared records with sound artists such as Beat Pharmacy (Brendon Moeller), Heavenchord and Jose Rico. He has performed at the Modulartec festivals in La Coruña or the BET in Bergara, Siroco (Madrid), Dabadaba (San Sebastián) and Chillida Leku Museum in Dantz Point.

He has shared stage with leading artists from the national electronic scene such as Arcanoid, Suso Saiz, The Zenobit3 and international Frank Bretschneider or Sebastian Mullaert. He recently recorded live sets and dj shows for stations like Dub Techno TV or Beshknow Radio in Tehran that are broadcast from London's Soho Radio station. Also on 808 Radio of CMM, specialized in electronic music.