Sonhar – 18 July 2024


18 July 2024

Sala Patio (Tabakalera)


Dantz Festival invites Xabier Erkizia to sleep while listening to music.

Elijah Querejeta Film School in collaboration with and Tabakalera. To the courtyard of Tabakalera.

Taking into account the theme of the festival "The Dream," it will be a concert that will put into practice a sleepy listening, because while we dream, we cancel sight and recreate virtual images.

On a whole night of musical compositions without light, without letters, or armchairs, only a mat and a sleeping bag must be carried. In short, it's about sleeping with music, combining music, dreams and rest.

Xabier Erkizia soinu-artista, ikertzaile independentea eta ekoizle artistikoa da, proiektu esperimentaletan, inprobisazio askean eta musika elektronikoan lan egiten duena.

- Everyone who comes is asked to carry their mat and sleeping bag. This measure will ensure that everyone can enjoy the event in a comfortable and safe manner.