Dantz Talk- 18 July 2024

Dantz Talk

18 July 2024

The Social Hub / Mini Theatre (Otamendi Anaiak Kalea, 11)


Charla Psicologia: En el Mini Theatre de The Social Hub

Round table on the relationship between electronic music and psychology. At the same time, Sound Minds, the psychosocial research that Dance did with the UPV, will be presented.

This project helps develop a new imaginary of electronic music that seeks to understand the complexity of electronic music as a social phenomenon away from stereotypes, clichés and prejudices.

The conference will be attended by Jokin Telleria (director of Dantz), Xavier Minguez (professor of Social Psychology and Conflict Resolution Analysis at UPV/EHU) and guests.

The event will take place at the El Social Hub Mini Theatre, 11 Otamendi Brothers Street in San Sebastian. This cultural space is known for its exciting atmosphere and its ability to host a variety of cultural and social activities.