Dantz Talk – 17 July 2024

Dantz Talk

17 July 2024

Sakana Gallery (Alkolea Pasaia, 1)


MESA REDONDA (Sakana Gallery)

A round table in which the labels (Inguma Records, Rebels, Costas Music, Musex Industries, 「lotura」, Nigma) will talk about the world of vinyl, of which they are a part, and in turn will give their vision of the electronic music scene.

Inguma Records

The Inguma Records label was created in 2020 and managed entirely by Tuber. So far, 20 EPs have been published and 6 others are closed by the end of the year. Whenever you can try to publish it in physical format, cassette or vinyl. The goal is to maintain some consistency in musical styles, but the seal is open to all types of electronics, as long as it is deep, complex and suitable for the dance track. https://inguma.bandcamp.com/

Resident Advisor stamp with list of catalog artists https://es.ra.co/labels/17969


It's the seal of the Navarre band Rebels Riot Rebels, and it's made up of Izar5, Editer & Bors. That's the first one to go to the Dantz Festival as a stamp representative. He debuted on December 16, 2019, in an EP with the themes of the three members, C-System and Bruhma. https://rbls.bandcamp.com/

Costas Music

Born in San Sebastian, Costas is one of the emerging artists in the country's underground electronic music scene. His first steps as a dj living in the best clubs in Spain helped him share the line-up with world-class artists.

He continues to advance his knowledge of electronics and mixes his favorite styles, such as Deep House, Dub Techno, with long atmospheric pads, acid lines and always strong rhythms thought of on the dance track. https://soundcloud.com/costasmusic7

Musex Industries

It's a group of labels and promoters, based in Pamplona, that allow you to download original songs on any device and create playlist. It has stamps such as I-TqueX Recordings, I-TqueX Red Edition, Musex and Sofa Tunes, and collaborates with local and international artists such as Aitor Burgui (Pamplona), Iñaki Kreator (Pamplona), Alex Mine (Italy), Demarkus Lewis (USA), Joeski (New York), Jamie Anderson (Berlin) https://musex-industries.es/


Independent electronic music stamp created by Iñaki Garcia and Amaia Rodriguez. Born in 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic. This project is not subject to the rules of entrepreneurship, they do not think of profitability or viability (at least not at the moment). They created a bond, because they wanted to, because of their love of art. Music is an important part of their lives, makes them feel something special and inspires them, so they want to contribute their vision. https://basquesondecks.com/%E3%80%8Clotura%E3%80%8D/


Techno music collective and stamp based in San Sebastian. Quality audiovisual content, well-curated events and a respectful, diverse, feminist and LGTBIQ+ https://soundcloud.com/nigma-dss