Dantz Club- 17 July 2024

Dantz Club

17 July 2024

Sakana Gallery ( Alkolea Pasaia, 1)


MIQKAEL (Dj set)

This time, the Dantz Club will hack Sakana Gallery for a few hours

People will be able to enjoy the art gallery and the record store while enjoying a live DJ Set by Miqkael.

He started at rave and underground parties in the Basque Country and then went to Barcelona.

Since then he has performed in the most important clubs in Spain: Moog, BeCool, La Paloma, Lolita, Sol Hall, Sonar... but also in France and the Netherlands for the annual Intergalactic FM festival in The Hague. His style goes from The Weird Album to The Best Acid House in Chicago to a variety of underground Techno music that he's been clicking on for many years.