Rebeca Azpiri, artistically known as Lila, is a DJ/producer from Elgoibar currently residing in San Sebastian. He's been collecting techno house/house progressive genre songs for over 15 years.

His concerts mix the sounds of this genre with those of the album and alternative electronics. In its functions it seeks to strike a balance between the frequencies that transmit light and shadow. His seven years in the United Kingdom have helped him enrich his record by spreading his sound to global melodies. During his stay he has given concerts in this country, as in the so-called NG1, a well-known club on the British electronics scene.

Back in San Sebastian he has played in various bars and clubs in the capital of Guipuzcoana and has participated in various outdoor events, such as markets, and has started the 2023 Big Week of San Sebastian on Mount Urgull with Dan – tz.